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Benefits cuts through the noise so you can address the real threat

Reduce response time to incidents by automating the alert handling process
Integrate user feedback and preserve collective knowledge
Identify false-positives and reduce alert fatigue

How It Works

Using a wide range of out-of-the box integrations, continuously learns from existing enterprise cybersecurity experts and scales your team’s capacity to deal with threats. It also provides assistance for post-decision automation of analyst manual tasks such as: ticketing, custom notifications or to trigger SOAR playbooks.

Streamline your cybersecurity processes


"The team has proven to be an innovator in their approach to our everyday challenge and we are very happy to be working with them. Their ability to use complex technologies such as deep learning to extract insights and streamline processes is highly valuable in staying competitive in a continuously evolving Market."

Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager at Orange Romania

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Break silos and bring your data together to automate processes across multiple vendors.

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AnsibleBig Panda
AnsibleBig Panda
AnsibleBig Panda
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