Zero risk and at least 8X more capacity in the SOC with AI Assisted Cybersecurity

This isn't only about today's attack volume, it's about getting ahead of tomorrow

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Scale capacity and increase efficiency of the SOC

Aggregate and retain expert knowledge
Decision augmentation
Reduce risk

How It Works uses an innovative and proprietary method for expert knowledge integration into a neural net combining a continuous human feedback-loop, Natural Language Processing and deep learning for addressing today’s and tomorrow’s attack volumes.

Streamline your cybersecurity processes

The team has proven to be an innovator in their approach to our everyday challenge and we are very happy to be working with them. Their ability to use complex technologies such as deep learning to extract insights and streamline processes is highly valuable in staying competitive in a continuously evolving Market.

Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager

The platform has increased our efficiency and allowed us to scale capacity with SOC teams. We are accomplishing our goal of working with companies whose visions align with ours: providing automated and scalable best-in-class cybersecurity platforms.

Julian Garrido, General Director directly addresses one of the biggest issues that security teams have to deal with on a daily basis: triaging tens of thousands of alerts. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone with security knowledge, but no data science knowledge, to train a deep learning model capable of mimicking human behavior, without writing a single line of code.'s capability to learn and adapt together with its automation capabilities makes us see the platform as a true member of our team

Ioan Constantin, Cybersecurity Expert

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Break silos and bring your data together to scale your team's capacity to handle threats.

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