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Dedicated to using AI to unlock greater human potential

We believe AI can help by learning from experts and their actions, enabling humans to unlock their potential and do what they do best: innovate and create.


Siscale, the team that created Arcanna.ai, is a group of passionate engineers with the mission of unlocking greater human potential through the use of AI. We have vast experience in the areas of Cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure, Data Science, Data Engineering and Software Development which gives us a unique perspective on how AI can be easily adopted and used to streamline processes.


Peter Ruta
Chief Executive Officer
Bogdan Perian
Chief Technology Officer
Calin Cornigeanu
Chief Product Officer
Cristian Ruta
Chief Operating Officer
Alexandru Dan
Software Development Director
Catalin Popescu
Chief Information Security Officer
Iulia Muntianu
Chief Innovation Officer


Alex Panait
Andreas Enotiadis
Andrei Golesteanu
Bob Dimicco
Gerard Lithgow
John Stewart
Mike Krygier
Cristian Patachia
Oliver Rochford


Bogdan Sass
Arcanna.ai Evangelist
Bogdan Teodor
Director of Customer Success
Marian Craciunescu
Senior Developer
Marius Avraam
Senior Developer
Alin Manolache
Tudor Tutoveanu
Service Delivery Manager
Mihai Simandan
Matei Benedic
Konstantinos Dasoulas
UI/UX Designer & Scrum Master
Alexandra Popa
Alina Marcu
ML Research Scientist
Alexandru Muntean
Andrei Tudose
Ovidiu Popeti
Head of Partnerships
Mihai Duminica
Cybersecurity Specialist
Denis Stefan
Alexandru Popa
Cybersecurity Consultant
Bogdan Popescu
Calin Badea
Cybersecurity Consultant
Darius Iakabos
Cybersecurity Analyst
Leontin Trifa
Marin Virdol
Senior Developer
Ioana Tripa
ML Scientist
Sorin Cucu
UX Designer
Iulia Teodorescu
Communications Manager & Executive Assistant

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