Decision Intelligence for cybersecurity

Increase your team’s capacity to handle threats

AI-assisted cybersecurity

How is Decision Intelligence the best for Cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, decision making is critical and the most important factor is context. However, analysts are limited by time and resources. Decision Intelligence is capable of assimilating the decision making process and applying it without time or resource limitations

Alert fatigue

Threat handling with decision assistance: reduce analyst burnout

Increase your team’s capacity by scaling the collective knowledge of your experts to assist decision making. Streamline threat handling and take the strain off your analysts while reducing risk associated with alert fatigue.

AI model training

Consolidate institutional knowledge and improve incident response

Aggregates and retains expert knowledge within the organization through natural language processing, deep learning and human-feedback loop. Leverages collective knowledge through context-aware AI models to improve threat handling.


Empowering Cybersecurity teams with AI

Decrease cybersecurity workload and improve operations by taking an innovative approach with AI-Assisted Cybersecurity. Leverage your top-tier analysts' knowledge through an AI model to help your team scale and grow.


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