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Improve your cybersecurity, decrease your team's workload is designed and built to enhance teams of experts with AI, enabling them to automate processes that would otherwise consume much of their valuable time

AI-assisted cybersecurity

How is Artificial Intelligence the best answer for Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity has complex processes that analysts go through to keep businesses secure. However they are limited by time and resources. AI technology is capable of assimilating these processes and apply them without time or resource limitations. takes this one step further and encompases expert knowledge into the AI model to tailor the processes based on the environment in which it runs.

Alert fatigue

Alert handling with Integrated intelligent automation: reduce analyst burnout

Give your Cybersecurity experts time to focus on what’s truly important: keeping your business secure. automates alert handling taking the strain of analyzing thousands of alerts daily from your analysts. This gives your security team more time to thoroughly address real threats rather than identifying them

AI model training

Consolidate institutional knowledge and improve incident response time

By collecting feedback,, can make decisions using the knowledge of your entire cybersecurity team. This allows to not only automate the decision making process but also post-decision actions such as creating tickets, notifications or triggering SOAR playbooks.


" directly addresses one of the biggest issues that security teams have to deal with on a daily basis: triaging tens of thousands of alerts. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone with security knowledge, but no data science knowledge, to train a deep learning model capable of mimicking human behavior, without writing a single line of code.'s capability to learn and adapt together with its automation capabilities makes us see the platform as a true member of our team."

Ioan Constantin, Cybersecurity Expert at Orange Romania


Empowering Cybersecurity teams with AI

Decrease cybersecurity workload and improve operations by taking an innovative approach with AI-Assisted Cybersecurity. Leverage your top-tier analysts' knowledge through an AI model to help your team scale and grow.


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How can AI be used in Cybersecurity?

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