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Leading Managed Security Services Provider operating in the market for 36 years that offers reliable technical support on a 24-hour basis. The company has offices in Greece and Qatar and consists of 160 certified and experienced professionals who have a highly customer-oriented approach.


  1. A continuously increasing number of alerts
  2. Challenges in the customer onboarding process
  3. Capturing and transferring specific organizational expert knowledge
  4. Employees turnover accentuated by burnout
  5. Decisions inconsistencies from shift to shift
  6. No automated process to validate the analyst's decisions


Algosystems uses's AI platform to train customer-specific AI models that mimic the SOC Analysts' decision-making process. The AI custom-generated models learn and adapt to the SOC team process, augmenting the SOC Analysts' decisions to reduce the risk of mishandling, misinterpreting, or ignoring the alerts while massively increasing the investigation capacity. leverages an innovative and proprietary method (IPR) for expert knowledge integration that combines continuous human feedback loop, Natural Language Processing and deep learning for addressing today's and tomorrow’s attack volumes.

Key metrics & benefits

>95.6% Reduced fatigue risk

Arcana.AI significantly decreases the risks of mishandled alerts, diminishing the errors associated with human biases that can represent breaches of security. With Arcanna.AI always backing-up the decision , business leaders and Algosystems' clients are now finding solutions to address human fatigue.

3X Faster response time

Arcanna.AI allows analysts to make faster, better, and more accurate decisions. With continuous streamlining of the decision-making process without compromising accuracy, teams can make more decisions in less time.

>200 hours saved monthly

Arcanna.AI is able to capture and merge organizational expert knowledge by generating unique AI models to scale security operations, minimizing the legacy gaps and the new joiners' learning curve; As a natural effect, Arcanna.AI contributes to decreasing the characteristic cycle of turnover by lowering the burnout effect and alert fatigue in the SOC team. is like a security analyst who is always on-shift, who never gets tired, experiences fatigue or mishandles an alert. This technology, coupled with a knowledgeable SOC analyst, is the dream duo. With, we’ll be able to offer our customers an even better security solution than ever before.

Elias Aggelidis, Director, Technical Services

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