Swimlane Turbine and Arcanna.ai




  • Swimlane Hero AI: Proprietary LLM adding AI crafted prompts and case summarization
  • Arcanna AI: AI-driven decision intelligence for faster and more accurate triage
  • Continual AI improvement: Arcanna enables direct AI learning and feedback loop for further honing the AI decision making process.
  • Workflow Management: Manage AI jobs and create custom playbooks with Swimlane Turbines Canvas playbook editor
  • Boost in Decision Making Capacity: AI-enabled decision intelligence and security automation converts days into minutes.
  • Time Back for Threat Management and Innovation: Automation and AI take over the tedious, monotonous reading and processing tasks and frees up valuable team resources.
  • Faster Response and Better Accuracy: Faster MTTR less false positives, highly accurate readings and up to 100% risk-free.
  • Seamless Integration: Inserting non-intrusively in your workflows, the platform connects inputs from tools and humans for faster, better decisions.

Customer story

How it works

The use case gets started with the endpoint downloading a suspicious file. LogRhythm SIEM creates a new alert containing the file hash. Swimlane Turbine ingests the alert and submits the hash to threat intelligence tools. Results on the hash are pulled back into Turbine, where Arcanna then ingests them for AI analysis. As results come back from Arcanna, the verdict on the file hash is confirmed as malicious. It looks to be malware. Turbine then automatically kicks off 4 actions to begin to triage the threat.

  1. All of the findings are sent to ServiceNow and a ticket created there.
  2. CrowdStrike is instructed to isolate the endpoint until the hash is removed.
  3. Turbine then reaches back to LogRhythm to update the case there.
  4. When the Swimlane case closes in Turbine, it will trigger the Arcanna feedback loop for continual feedback and optimization.