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Solution AI-Assisted Cybersecurity


How IBM Security QRadar SIEM can benefit from

  • Out-of-the-box integration - seamlessly integrates with IBM Security QRadar SIEM without the need for complicated setup or configuration
  • Consolidate “tribal knowledge” - encapsulate your experts’ knowledge of security and context unique to your organization into AI model and scale their capacity to handle threats
  • Never see the same false-positive again - leverages the knowledge of your entire team to automate decision making and reduce time spent on false-positives
  • Not another screen to look at - offers decision making assistance directly into IBM Security QRadar SIEM in the form of notes or follow-up flags, eliminating the need to look in another tool
  • Post-decision automation - close the loop in your offense investigation process by automatically triggering SOAR playbooks based on the AI’s decision is like a security analyst who is always on-shift, who never gets tired, experiences fatigue or mishandles an alert. This technology, coupled with a knowledgeable SOC analyst, is the dream duo. With Arcannai.AI, we’ll be able to offer our customers an even better security solution than ever before.

Elias Aggelidis, Director, Technical Services

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