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Protecting today’s dynamic environments from increasingly complex threats is challenging. IBM Security QRadar SIEM offers great capabilities in terms of detecting, prioritizing and responding to threats. However, the limited time and resources that security analysts have coupled with the increase in attacks, surfaces several challenges.

  1. Too many offenses - IBM Security QRadar SIEM enables you to scale your detection as is needed for your environment, however this may lead to large influx of offenses, which is normal since you want to have as much detection as possible. Your team on the other hand will not be able to match the scaling power of the SIEM when it comes to handling and addressing the detected threats
  2. Too many exceptions - seeing the same false-positive repeatedly leads to adjusting detection rules to include exceptions. This can become dangerous when too many exceptions are included, leaving organizations with holes in their detection rules and wide open to attacks
  3. Too much wasted time - false-positives not only cause detection adjustments but they also are a big time-consumer, taking the focus away from real threats
  4. Unconsolidated “tribal knowledge” - a cybersecurity experts’ intuition is invaluable when it comes to making decisions, however scaling this knowledge across the team is difficult

In order for security operations teams to keep up with their growing workloads a new perspective is required.

Solution AI-Assisted Cybersecurity

Our solution is AI-Assisted Cybersecurity, a hybrid approach in which AI and humans work together to streamline and improve efficiency in security operations. aggregates and consolidates expert knowledge into AI models and scales it across the entire team assisting decision making and automating post-decision tasks.


How IBM Security QRadar SIEM can benefit from

  • Out-of-the-box integration - seamlessly integrates with IBM Security QRadar SIEM without the need for complicated setup or configuration
  • Consolidate “tribal knowledge” - encapsulate your experts’ knowledge of security and context unique to your organization into AI model and scale their capacity to handle threats
  • Never see the same false-positive again - leverages the knowledge of your entire team to automate decision making and reduce time spent on false-positives
  • Not another screen to look at - offers decision making assistance directly into IBM Security QRadar SIEM in the form of notes or follow-up flags, eliminating the need to look in another tool
  • Post-decision automation - close the loop in your offense investigation process by automatically triggering SOAR playbooks based on the AI’s decision is like a security analyst who is always on-shift, who never gets tired, experiences fatigue or mishandles an alert. This technology, coupled with a knowledgeable SOC analyst, is the dream duo. With Arcannai.AI, we’ll be able to offer our customers an even better security solution than ever before.

Elias Aggelidis, Director, Technical Services

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